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Ultra Clean Air with Genano

Smart solution for indoor air purification

Unique Air Purification – Safest choice for nanoscale clean air

Genano, A Finnish healthtech company, was originally designed for hospital air decontamination, but is now widely used also in offices, commercial areas, public environments, dental care and other places where people gather.


For the cleanest air possible, customers rely in Genano air purifiers.


Genano's patented technology kills all microbes from indoor air, such as viruses and bacteria

Benefits of using Genano Air Purifiers

Eliminates viruses and bacteria

Patented technology gets rid of living microbes in indoor air

Easy to use

Automatic self washing, no clogging replaceable filters, always top performance

Increased health & less sick leaves

Removes even the nano sized particles that are most harmful for health

Safe air belongs to everyone

Producing healthy breathing air in buildings with indoor air problems

Energy efficiency

Steady air flow due to the lack of clogging fiber filters ensures constant air purification performance

Scientifically tested

Genano's microbe killing technology is tested and proofed in several impartial testing laboratories

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Technology with superior purification efficiency without fiber filters.

Originally designed for hospitals and cleanrooms, this unique solution can now deliver ultra pure air for any commercial and public spaces. Genano's air purification units can capture and eliminate microbes, bacteria and viruses. Safeguarding the health and well-being of custometrs and staff. Frequent air changes ensure that rooms and waiting areas have a constant supply of ultra pure air. Customers, patients and staff can feel reassured about being in a space that has its air decontaminated from impurities.

Genano Air Decontamination Units