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Intelligent Indoor Air Quality

Ultraclean indoor air as a service

Ultra clean indoor air as a service

Clean air can be purchased as a continuous service to public sector buildings, gyms or other businesses. Our comprehensive service covers the entire project, starting from situation analysis, which combines site visit and a range of sensors measuring air quality at the site. Our sensors deliver data through easy-to-use application that can be accessed from a laptop or a mobile. An important part of our complete service, we offer symptom surveys, in order to form a view about symptoms people in the site are suffering. With the measuring services we ensure, that we will reach the targeted level in indoor air quality. We give you a 100% guarantee, that we accomplish what we promise.






Tailored for professional use, our service can be utilized in any building with sick building syndrome, during reconstruction, or it can be used in new buildings to prevent people from being exposed to harmful VOC’s. Our service also protects people from outside air pollution entering indoors, which can be a significant problem in industrial cities or caused by heavy traffic.

For sick-building syndrome cases our unique filter-free technology enables immediate effect with a mobile plug & play installation, which gives you the time needed for renovation plans. With Genano’s continuous air circulation, you save money, as you don’t need a temporary evacuation. For preventing outdoor pollution from causing symptoms, our continuous air quality measurement service guarantees healthy environment indoors.



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Designed to clean the most dangerous, ultrafine particles, that penetrate into blood circulation

Indoors, air quality can be compromised by several factors: microbes growing in the construction as a result of excess moisture, gaseous substances that evaporate from construction materials, fiber-like impurities and fine particles from polluted outdoor air.

Genano state-of-the art system is based on electric filtering that removes the smallest nanosized particles down to 0,3 nm. The air circulates through the air purifying unit, killing all microbes (viruses and bacteria) with an electric shock, removing dangerous gaseous compounds and unpleasant smells. Our technology does not contain filters that can get clogged, therefore the purification efficiency stays high at all times.


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