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Genano® 350

Efficient and compact Air Decontamination Device for patient rooms, examination rooms, dentist’s practices and offices. Requires very small floor space, and has a wall-mounting option.

Technical Information
Genano® 350
Cleaning capacity
max. ~300 m3/h
Cleaning efficiency
> 99% of 0,1 µm particles
Dimensions (W x H x D)
30 x 90 x 37 cm
19 kg
Stand-alone, wheels, wall bracket available as an accessory
Fan speed
10 step speed control
Power consumption
Max 175 W
Sound level
20...60 dB(A) 3m (80...300 m3/h)
Rated voltage
220-240 Vac / 50 Hz
Usage temperature
+5…+40 °C

Easy plug & play installation

Prevents from airborne infections from spreading

Cost savings by reducing sick leaves

Download scientific test results of G350 efficacy in microbe elimination

Eliminates 99,999% of airborne microbes – viruses, bacteria, mold spores.

Tests done by impartial research organization VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland.

The report is in two parts, you'll find G350 results in the second part.





  • 1

    Contaminated air is led inside the unit.

  • 2

    Particles are ionised and after that ionised particles attach to the collection tube. Microbes are destroyed in a high voltage process.

  • 3

    Next, the air is led to active carbon collector which effectively removes ozone, VOC-gases and odours.

  • 4

    Outcoming ultra-pure air is completely free from particles of all sizes, microbes; bacteria and viruses, and harmful gaseous compounds. The only changeable part is the active carbon filter.

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