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Elixair® E400

E400 is a small air decontaminator unit designed to be placed on the floor. The unit draws in indoor air from the front and blows out the clean air through the fan placed on the backside of the unit. The unit has two power areas and it is designed for continuous usage. E400 is easy to move as it comes with wheels.


Technical Information
Elixair® E400
Cleaning capacity
max. 240 m3/h
Cleaning efficiency
99,8 %
Gas removal
Active carbon
Fan speed
Dimensions (W x H x D)
345 x 530 x 360 mm
12 kg
Sound level
22–36 dB

Operating principle

The Elixair duct filter has a 4-steps filtering system. First, a prefilter captures the larger particles. Then,electronic collector cell collects the smallest of particles. Finally, the active carbon collector removesodours and gases.

Prevents pollution, allergens and dust entering indoor air from ventilation

Steady air pressure through unclogging filters

Savings in energy and maintenance costs

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