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AirWits PM




AirWits PM is a multipurpose meter, equipped with high-quality sensors. It measures the amount of indoor air particles, air temperature and the relative
air humidity.


The device measures and sends the PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10, temperature and humidity data once in every 30 minutes. AirWits PM uses worldwide Sigfox IoT-network for data transmission enabaling presentation of data results and accurate notifications.


AirWits PM is equipped with long life battery pack ensuring a 5-year usage and the device works well in high and low temperatures. The transportation costs of Sigfox IoT-network are low and together with the long battery usage the lifetime costs are
very inexpensive.

Technical Information
AirWits PM
Plastic case for indoor usage
Case size
98 x 98 x 43 mm
248 g
Sensirion SGPC3 / Sensirion SHTC3
Battery lifetime
5 years
Measurement intervals
30 min
Particulate matter
0 … 1000 ug/m3, accuracy ±10 ug/m3 (between 0-100ug/m3) or ±10% (between 100-1000ug/m3)
Temperature range
0 … +50 °C, measurement accuracy 0.2 °C
Air humidity range
0 … 95 %, measurement accuracy 2 %
Sigfox 868 / 902 / 928 MHz/RCZ1 / RCZ2 / RCZ4
CE, Sigfox

Clear interface

Genano offers easy and affordable IoT-solution for measuring indoor air quality from a handset all the way to a clear and easy-to-use user interface. Our service provider offers a simple and flexible method for presenting, controlling, analyzing, and further processing the data.

Real time monitoring of indoor air quality

Easy user interface on your mobile device

Wireless installation

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