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Genano® Tube XS

Wall or ceiling -mounted Genano XS is suited for cleaning air in spaces, where it can not or is not wanted to be placed on the floor. This air decontamination unit can also be placed on level surfaces or it can be integrated as part of an existing air ventilation system

Technical Information
Genano® Tube XS
Cleaning capacity
max. 300 m3/h
Particle removal
> 0,003 µm
Cleaning efficiency
98 %
Gas removal
Included: 60g active carbon, 20 mm
Size (D x H)
200 x 990 mm
7 kg
Galvanized and painted steel
Wall or ceiling, upright or horizontally
Fan speed
6, separate control panel
Power consumption
30–85 W
Sound level
23–53 dBa
Operating voltage
194–264 V, 50/60 Hz
Usage temperature
+5…+60 °C

The access rights can be controlled so e.g. children can not change the machine settings.

Prevents from airborne infections from spreading

Easy plug & play installation

Removes gases and odors

  • 1

    Indoor air is led inside the collector chamber.

  • 2

    All size particles are charged negatively in a powerful corona discharge. The negatively charged particles attach themselves to the positive collection surface. The structure of organic microbes is destroyed with electric shocks.

  • 3

    Finally, the air is lead to a carbon collector which effectively removes VOC gasses an odors.

  • 4

    Outcoming ultra-pure air is completely free from particles of all sizes, microbes, and harmful gases and chemicals

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