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Back To Work – Safe working in ultra pure air

Safeguard your customers, staff and patients with air that has been cleaned from viruses and bacteria. Genano air decontamination technology is scientifically proven to eliminate 99,999% of microbes from indoor air.

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Pure Air. Nothing Else

We protect people, processes and the environment by producing clean air.

Genano's patented technology collects and eliminates 99,999% of microbes, such as coronaviruses and bacteria from indoor air.

Download the Newest Research Test Report of Genano Air Decontamination Technology

Eliminates 99,999% of airborne microbes – viruses, bacteria, mold spores.

Tests done by impartial research organization VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland.


What is the difference between Genano and other indoor air purification methods? 


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Genano 5250 Automatic without background

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