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Back to work

In the new normal of today's work environments it has become essential to clean the indoor air from viruses and other impurities.

Working safely in virus free air – provided by Genano 


Genano, a Finnish health technology company, originally manufactured air purifiers mainly for healthcare, but over the past two decades has also provided safe breathing air extensively to schools, offices, sports facilities, nursing homes, shops, churches and other spaces where people meet.

When customers want the cleanest possible air, they choose Genano.



Genano's patented air decontamination technology destroys all microbes from indoor air, such as viruses, bacteria and mold spores

Genano benefits


Eliminates viruses and bacteria

Patented technology captures and destroys all living microbes from indoor air

Easy to use

No clogging fiber filters, no pressure loss, easy plug and play installation

Enhances health & reduces sick leaves

Removes even the nanosized particles that are most harmful to health

Safe air belongs to everyone

Air can be purified from mold spores and gases in buildings suffering from sick building syndrome


Due to the lack of fiber filters, air flow and cleaning efficiency remains optimal at all times, saving energy and reducing waste

Scientifically proven efficiency

Research institute VTT: Genano eliminates 99,999% of microbes from indoor air

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The most advanced air purification technology in the market without fiber filters

With Genano, you can provide your staff and customers with disinfected indoor air, which promotes wellbeing and reduces sick leaves.

The difference with other air purifiers is that Genano both removes even nano-sized contaminants from indoor air and destroys all microbes inside the unit. Ultra-clean outcoming air is decontaminated by electric filtration, without clogging fiber filters or chemicals, ozone, ions or anything else emitted into the air.

Unclogging filtration makes operation safe, easy and energy efficient. The air in the room is being decontaminated non-stop thanks to the efficient air circulation.During the process, 99.999% of indoor microbes are eliminated (VTT 11/2020).

Technology comparison: Genano vs. other air purification methods

Genano comparison chart white


Genano air purifiers