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Genano careers

Genano careers



Genano as a Workplace


A diverse group of people with their unique stories are behind Genano's services. We encourage our employees to follow their passion, take responsibility, and grow within their position. Get to know some of our employees and their stories. You might realize that each career path is different and rewarding. What might your Genano career path look like?





Culture & Values

Inspired by the Nordic purity, our mission is to Protect People, Processes and the Environment by producing Clean Air.
This is what we at Genano stand for:
Trust that arises from understanding our client’s business.
Expertise means knowledge about air impurities and the means to remove them.
Easiness for our clients begins from comprehensive service concept.



What we do


We operate in a wide range of business areas ensuring that manufacturing processes are secured in laboratories, clinics, manufacturing clean areas, logistics halls, and in other manufacturing facilities. We provide clean air as a service for hundreds of municipalities in Europe ensuring that the indoor air quality is good and safe to breath in public buildings such as schools, nurseries, town halls, gyms, and other public buildings. We started our journey from medical isolation rooms and cleanrooms at hospitals, to be where we are now: protecting people by producing clean air where needed.




Unique Career Paths



We can easily say that our career paths are as unique as you. How? In our growing international company, your role can be as big as you want. We give you a chance to grow as a person and as a professional. You are given responsibility, which leads to self-growth, as you face new tasks that require learning new skills. At Genano, you create your own career path. 





Sense of Belonging


 As a Genano employee, you are part of a workplace that is truly inspiring and innovative. We care for the well-being of our employees and appreciate an unbureaucratic way of operating. We work actively towards common goals and creating a tight-knit work community. We help our colleagues and say good morning to each other. We are not defined by our titles - we are equal. At Genano everyone can be themselves.




Inclusion & Diversity 


Creativity and growth happen when the diverse backgrounds of employees are recognized and nourished. We aim to build a work environment where our employees feel welcomed. Your talent is recognized with us. Each of us are different, and that's how we want it! New ideas rise from diversity and we want to hear everyone's thoughts. When working for Genano, you have a true possibility to influence your job function and change the way we operate. We all have our unique skill sets, know-how and background - and this we cherish. Diversity guides us and allows you to follow a career path that is unique. Just as we are.