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Fight against COVID-19

Virus free air with Genano® technology

Innovative air purification solution for safeguarding staff, patients and customers against COVID-19 


The World Health Organization has acknowledged that COVID-19 is airborne. That means that the viruses we release as we cough, sneeze, or even breathe and speak, spread as tiny aerosols that remain aflot in the air for long periods of time. 




Download the newest research results how Genano technology eliminates 99,999% of airborne viruses and bacteria from indoor air.

Patented Genano® technology eliminates viruses, bacteria and all living microbes from indoor air 

Our air decontamination units, originally designed for hospitals, laboratories and other critical environments, are being used globally to fight against COVID-19. The units are in use in hospitals, dental practices, nursing homes, restaurants, hotels, offices, schools and everywhere people gather. See examples of hospitals that use Genano to fight against COVID-19 and how Genano helped already in the midst of MERS back in 2013. 


The reason behind Genano's superior performance in infection control is based on its patented technology, where impurities are captured and eliminated with strong electronical shocks. Whereas competing air purification methods use clogging fiber filters to collect impurities, Genano also kills all the living microbes it collects.


The Genano® technology ensures ultrapure indoor air as it eliminates impurities as small as 0.003 μm, meaning all types of viruses and bacteria. The Genano air decontamination units also remove harmful gaseous compounds, smells and mold spores.


Safety first - cost efficiently


All the units have an extremely low-cost maintenance compared to HEPA filtration units. Efficiency is their biggest advantage as seen below:



graph hepa comparison


Anyone can take an extra step to provide safer breathing air for their staff, patients and customers. In addition to increased safety, clean air increases customer satisfaction – a customer can feel good about coming to a space that has its air decontaminated from impurities after the previous patient has left or where people gather. 


For businesses and care facilities it is important to reduce the amount of harmful particles in the air with the most effective means available – electric air decontamination. Restrictions about masks and other safety measures vary by time and location, but Genano works 24/7 almost maintenance free as it has an automatic self washing function. 



Genano dental air purification


Genano Isolation Room Concept


The demand for isolation rooms has skyrocketed during COVID-19, for which Genano isolation room concept offers a smart solution. With a pressure kit, the hospital grade air decontamination units can be connected into existing ventilation pipes to create negative pressure rooms where contaminated air is kept inside the isolation room. With the 'plug and play' stand alone units, temporary isolation rooms can be set up quickly as a response to increased demand.


isolation concept




Genano 5250 Automatic without background

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Genano technology removes airborne impurities of all sizes.

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