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Clean Air for Dental Care

Safer dental care with ultra pure air

Clean Air for Dental Care

Safer dental care with ultra pure air

Unique solution for purified air for dental clinics and practices


Our system, originally designed for hospitals and cleanrooms, secures ultra pure indoor air in dental practices, laboratories and waiting rooms. Safeguarding staff and patients from small particles as small as 0.003 μm is an essential part of dental care.


Viruses and bacteria are ultra fine particles that are transmitted through air in droplets and aerosols by talking, sneezing, couching and in some dental procedures. Viruses and bacteria cause infections that result in health risks, sick leaves and cancellations. In dental care it is not possible to maintain distances or have patients wear masks and therefore it is important to reduce the amount of particles in the air with the most effective means available – electric air decontamination.


In addition to better patient safety, clean air increases customer satisfaction – a customer can feel good about coming to a space that has its air decontaminated from impurities after the previous patient and procedures. 


Genano dental air purification

Removes particles down to ultrafine

Genano's air decontamination technology means extremely clean air. The air decontamination units are able to capture and eliminate all small particles and living microbes, such as viruses, bacteria, resulting in increased health and well-being of staff and customers. 


The Genano air decontamination units also remove harmful gaseous compounds, smells and mold spores.


The units do not contain any easily clogged, regularly replaceable fiber filters. The units also have an automatic self washing system. That means constantly high purification performance. 

Fiber filters are commonly utilized to filter air in hygienic environments. However, they cannot eliminate as small harmful ultrafine particles as Genano air decontamination technology.


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Genano technology removes airborne impurities of all sizes.

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