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Products & Devices

Intelligent Air Quality

Genano® Intelligent Air Quality Products

With patented Genano® technology, we manufacture air decontamination devices, that can filter as small as 3 nanometer sized particles from indoor air. As indoor air impurities are captured into the unit, all particles and living microbes, such as viruses and bacteria, are eliminated, resulting in increased health and well-being of staff, patients and customers. With the active carbon filter, the Genano air decontamination units also remove harmful gaseous compounds and smells. The units maintain constant high purification performance as there are no easily clogged, replaceable fiber filters and the units have an automatic self washing system.

Genano® Sensors

With Genano sensors you can measure what’s invisible and odorless. Indoor Air measurement offers you information about the condition of building structures, as well as about the quality and purity of indoor air – in real time. As a part of property management and extending the property’s lifecycle, indoor air measuring is made easy with wireless plug and play sensors that can be used with user friendly platform – accessible with a mobile device. The system alerts you of changes that exceed or fall below the set limits. The sensors measure for example CO2, harmful gaseous compounds, small particle matter, air pressure, temperature and humidity.

Elixair by Genano®

Elixair by Genano® units provide clean air either as plug and play units or duct filters. As exposure to outdoor air pollution, such as asphalt dust, traffic pollutants, pollen and various emissions rises, the need for purifying the incoming replacement air also increases. The most effective way to collect and eliminate ultra-fine particles, such as pollution, viruses and allergens, and prevent their entry into a room, is installing a duct filter that uses electric filtration. No pressure drop unlike with clogging fiber filters, and therefore energy consumption in the building decreases. Cost savings can also be achieved due to the lack of changeable fiber filters.