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Laboratories & Cleanrooms

Nanoscale air decontamination to ensure production quality in clean zones

Air decontamination for laboratories and clean zones

Nanoscale dust control to minimize the amount of defective products. Securing production and staff from emissions and harmful particles by enabling required cleanroom class.

Tailored for professional use, Genano Air Decontamination Units are rapid and cost-effective way to set up a clean room in production areas. With our modular, mobile solution a clean area can be set up where ever needed. Our units are designed to improve the performance of central ventilation as an additional purification system, to provide constant nanoscale contamination control. Genano Air Decontamination Unit fits any room-specific needs, where HEPA is not enough.

Easy maintenance and automatic washing system ensure low lifetime running costs, while cleaning efficiency stays high at all times protecting people from process emissions as well as improving production quality by removing airborne particles down to nanosize.

Genano state-of-the art system is based on electric filtering that removes the smallest nanosized particles down to 0,003 µm. The air circulates through the air purifying unit, killing all microbes (viruses and bacteria) with a powerful electric discharge. At the end of the process, an effective active carbon collector removes dangerous gaseous compounds and smells. Our technology does not contain filters that can get clogged, therefore the purification efficiency stays high at all times and there is no pressure loss. 


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Our modular solutions fits any room-specific needs.


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Our air purifiers do not contain any easily clogged, regularly replaceable filters.

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