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Surround yourself with clean air

Genano 190 Air Purifier

Surround yourself with clean air

Genano 190 Air Purifier

Stop compromising air quality – healthy air is easily available with G190

Superior Air Purification

It's widely known that purified air can reduce transmissions of viral diseases, remove fatigue and  enhance cognitive performance. In fresh air, people feel healthier, safer and more productive. 


We get our inspiration from the Nordic nature – our solution provides only pure air and nothing else.


Genano 190 is ideal for for various public spaces, like offices, horeca premises and non-aseptic healthcare spaces. Compact sized unit saves floor space or can be wall mounted. 


Purifying air directly where healthy air is needed, has never been this easy. Just plug the air purifier in and your indoor air starts circulating through the purification process. 

G190 IMG_20220405_113355__01

Increased wellbeing

Short and long term health benefits from breathing ultra clean air

No fiber filters

No filter costs, no fear of microbial growth, no filter waste

Energy Saving

Superior air purification with minimal usage of energy and a smaller carbon footprint

Designed and Made in Finland

Functional design that fits any environment, business or healthcare facility

No ozone

Active carbon collector removes all ozone

No harm to people or materials

No UV-C or ionization that are harmful for health and materials. Just purified air.

G190 in seminar

Technical Information

246 m3/h

> 99% of 0,1 µm particles

34 x 93 x 38 cm

16,7 kg


Cover: Anthracite and white. Trimmings: wood and silver

Stand-alone, wall mounting

3 step speed control

71 W

23...43 dB @ 3 m

220-240 Vac 50/60 Hz

+5…+40 °C

RH 60 % @ +40 C

ISO 9001, ISO 4001, IEC 60335-1, IEC 60335-2-65 Conforms to Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU, CE mark

Genano Technology 


Genano Technology removes small and ultra fine particles from the indoor air, including viruses and other microbes. Genano doesn't only remove them from the air, it also destroys the microbes inside the unit, making it the safest air purifier to use without the fear of microbial growth.

  • 1

    Contaminated air is led inside the unit.

  • 2

    Particles are ionised.

    Ionised particles attach to the collection tube. Microbes are destroyed in a high voltage process.

  • 3

    Next, the air is led to active carbon collector which effectively removes ozone, VOC-gases and odours.

  • 4

    Outcoming ultra-pure air is completely free from particles of all sizes, microbes; bacteria and viruses, and harmful gaseous compounds.

Interested in this product?

Color Selection

Anthracite and White

The G190 air purifier is available in anthracite and white. The trimming and feet come in silver and wood. Choose your own favourite color combination.

Genano 190 white in retail

Genano Air Purification for Retail

Style and efficiency with frequent air changes

Genano 190 air purifiers secure the store's healthy indoor air in a very energy efficient way without the use of fiber filters. 

You can supplement the clean air experience with real-time monitoring of indoor air quality. Let customers know about your outstanding air quality with a stand that shows the quality metrics. While doing these, you're also showing respect towards your customers' wellbeing.

Clean Air Solution for Offices

Intelligent indoor air quality.

Almost half of the time we are awake we spend working. Office work requires concentration and good energy levels. Ultra clean air improves both and also improves cognitive function. Purifying air is a cost effective way to reduce sick leaves – not just covid, but seasonal flus and allergy related symptoms.

g190 in office
Genano 190 for horeca

Genano Clean Air for HORECA

Serve your delicious food with the side of healthy air.

Let your customers and staff feel like their health is your priority! Enjoying time together with family, friends and colleagues in indoor air that is purified from impurities, is a gift you can give your customers and in return you can expect it to enhance your company's brand reputation.  

In the business of making the world breathe better

We provide the best indoor air quality as a service.

Genano solution is originally designed for critical areas in healthcare facilities, where superior hygiene is required.


But we believe clean air belongs to everyone. This is why we have expanded our selection to also fit the needs of offices, shops, restaurants and other important places where people gather. 


Genano 190 enhances air hygiene  and supports central air filtering process. Because of the patented technology, operating and taking care of the air purifier is easy. The only changeable part is the active carbon filter.

What makes Genano Technology® different

High-end technology with service level to match.

Genano offers the cleanest air in the market, with ultimate safety of use. The patented technology makes sure that the electric air decontamination process occurs inside the unit, which means the air purifiers emit nothing else than ultra pure air. 


Take a look at our introduction video to learn more about Genano Technology and why it is superior to other air decontamination technologies. 

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