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Detectify is a motion detector for indoor and office purposes. It is based on a passive infrared sensor with a detection area up to 5 meters.

The detector is available in two versions: with either a 30 degree measuring beam or over 90-degrees measuring beam. The device is perfect for measuring e.g. workstations, office and warehouse utilization or to follow-up conference room bookings.

Detectify is equipped with battery pack that guarantees an extra-long operating time, a long range, low power Sigfox radio module for reliable internet connectivity and reliable infrared sensors. The low Sigfox connectivity cost combined with a
long battery autonomy generates an extremely low cost over the product lifetime.

Technical Information
Plastic case for indoor usage
Case size, weight
94 mm diameter, 40 mm height, 110 g
Mounting plate with screw fastening or tape
Panasonic EKMB1301111K
Measuring distance
0–5 m
Beam width
Over 90 degrees / 30 degrees
Battery life
8 years
Transmission interval
15min/ 2h (movement/no movement)
Operating temperature
+5…+50 °C
Operating zone
Sigfox 868 MHz tai 902…928 MHz
CE, Sigfox

Clear interface

Genano offers easy and affordable IoT-solutionfor measuring indoor air quality from a handsetall the way to a clear and easy-to-use userinterface. Our service provider offers a simpleand flexible method for presenting, controlling,analyzing and further processing the data.

Real time monitoring of indoor air quality

Easy user interface on your mobile device

Wireless installation

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