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PressGuard is a connected pressure difference meter. The device measures the pressure difference between two measurement points e.g. building indoor and outdoor air.

The device measures and sends the pressure difference data once in every 30 minutes, using a worldwide Sigfox IoT-network for data transmission. The interval can be configured remotely via the network. 

PressGuard is equipped with long battery life of five years and wall-mounting bracket. Sigfox IoT-network data transmission costs are low and combined with long battery life the lifetime cost of the device is very low.


Technical Information
Plastic case for indoor usage
Case size, weight
125 x 125 x 40 mm, 260 g
Sensirion SDP810-500PA
Battery life
5 years
Measurement intervals
30 min
Measuring range
-500 … 500 Pa
0.1 Pa or three percent of the reading
Sigfox 868 / 902 / 920 MHz
CE, Sigfox

Clear interface

Genano offers easy and affordable IoT-solutionfor measuring indoor air quality from a handsetall the way to a clear and easy-to-use userinterface. Our service provider offers a simpleand flexible method for presenting, controlling,analyzing and further processing the data.

Real time monitoring of indoor air quality

Easy user interface on your mobile device

Wireless installation

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