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Genano® Tube

Wall or ceiling -mounted Genano Tube is suited for hallways or lobby areas. The air decontamination unit can be integrated as part of an existing air ventilation system.

Technical Information
Genano® Tube
Cleaning capacity
max. 400 m3/h
Particle removal
> 0,003 µm
Cleaning efficiency
98 %
Gas removal
Optional 135 g active carbon, 20 mm
Size (D x H)
315 x 1250 mm
10 kg
Galvanized and painted steel
Wall or ceiling, upright or horizontally
Fan speed
4 -level, separate remote control
Power consumption
100–145 W
Sound level
45–57 dBa
Operating voltage
198–264 V, 50/60 Hz
Usage temperature
+5…+60 °C

The access rights can be controlled so e.g. children can not change the machine settings.

Easy plug & play installation

Prevents from airborne infections from spreading

Cost savings by reducing sick leaves

  • 1

    Indoor air is led inside thecollector chamber.

  • 2

    All size particles are charged negatively in a powerful corona discharge. The negatively charged particles attach themselves to the positive collection surface. The structure of organic microbes is destroyed with electric shocks.

  • 3

    Finally, the air is lead to a carbon collector which effectively removes VOC gasses an odors.

  • 4

    Outcoming ultra-pure air is completely free from particles of all sizes, microbes, and harmful gases and chemicals

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