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Real Estate

Purified comfort air for real estates.

Centralised solution for purified air for the entire real estate


Build as part of the building system – or add on to old building.

Our system is a preventive care to secure clean inlet air to the entire building. Maintaining high particle filtration efficiency, Genano Realestate gives protection from air pollution and other impurities entering indoors within building air circulation.

Removes particles down to ultrafine

High voltage filtering technology means extremely clean air, reducing the risks that polluted air causes, increasing health and well-being of residents or workers in building complexes. 


Genano Realestate solutions do not contain any easily clogged, regularly replaceable filters. That means constantly high purification performance. 


No replaceable filters also mean low running costs. The system does not suffer from increase in pressure drop due to accumulation of particle mass in filters. That reduces a fan power need leading to minimized electricity cost. 

Fiber filters are commonly utilized to filter supply air flow in a building. However, they cannot prevent harmful ultrafine particles to pass through and enter indoors. Additionally, clogged filters increase pressure difference causing heavily increasing electricity consumption and filter changing cost.

Compact solution

Our solution complements the existing building ventilation system. The system consist of centralized air purification module, along with duct and tube filters and nanoscale standalone air purifiers, completed with remote sensor-based monitoring system.


Only clean air passes Genano Realestate system, providing remarkable advantages for users and building owners. 




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