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Benefits of our Industrial Technology

Improved product quality

Genano industrial air purifier removes with high efficiency even the smallest nanosized particles as well as dust particles which cause quality risks to the production quality and stored goods.

Significant savings in energy cost

With Genano Technology, purified air can be recycled back to the premises. This can lead up to 30% savings in the energy cost, as the air does not need to be exhausted after extraction.

Reduced interruptions in production

Problems with production equipment may lead to a poor process quality as well as expensive interruptions in production.

Manufacturing equipment protection

Sensitive robotics and manufacturing equipment can be protected from particles and fumes with Genano Technology.

Safer environment for employees

Nano-sized particles penetrate to the lungs and reach the blood circulation. With Genano Technology the reduced risk of harmful particles penetration into body can be achieved. This leads to decreased sick leaves and increased employee satisfaction.

Company image and brand

Healthier and more productive employees support positive employer image. By taking care of employee’s health and well-being positive brand message can be delivered among customers and future employee candidates.

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