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Genano technology is based on high voltage filtering technology


Realestate Tech


Illustrative visualization for centralized Genano Realestate air purification system. Harmful particles that enter the real estate are ionized with high voltage. Charged particles are collected into collector plates preventing particles entering into the real estate HVAC system and indoor air. Real estate air purification solution can be complemented with Electric Duct Filters and area-specific stand alone Genano Air Purifiers.



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Genano high voltage filtering technology

The inlet air is led into the unit, where Genano High voltage filtering technology charges the particles within the air with a negative charge. A strong electrical field forces the particles toward the collector plates eventually capturing them, no matter the size of the particles. The outcoming air is led through the building air ventilation system.

Automatic washing system

The unit has an automatic washing system, which reduces the need for maintenance. Manual washing is required occasionally, to ensure superior performance.

Unit has long lifecycle-stage with no maintanance costs

The unit has a long life-cycle and very low operational costs with no wearing and changeable parts.