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Cleanroom Technology

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Majority of nanoparticles in cleanrooms are process-related and must be effectively removed at the source. While most particles in cleanrooms can be related to human activity, nanosized particles are also generated by electrostatic discharge, chemical reactions such as oxidation, and gas phase nucleation. These contaminants cannot be removed with fixed HVAC interfaced HEPA filtering systems. Commonly utilized filters can only collect particles of 0.3 μm and larger in diameter, which renders a need for additional air decontamination technologies such as air purifier units in the room. 


Genano technology removes airborne impurities of all sizes – down to nanometer size, also removing gases and odours

with an effective active carbon collector. Our air purifiers do not contain any easily clogged, regularly replaceable filters, so their performance remains constantly high and they are easy to use – and no replaceable parts means low running costs. The system does not suffer from increase in pressure drop due to accumulation of particle mass, nor does it provide

substrate for microbes to grow.

Building cleanrooms with Genano is highly cost-efficient and fast compared to traditional systems.

Only minor piping work is needed to connect the Genano air purifier to central ventilation. All of the supply air enters the room through the unit, while air flow is controlled to create positive pressure difference to outside environment. A second unit is utilized to constantly circulate and purify the air from any process and human-related contaminants.



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Genano Technology® is based on powerful electric filtration system

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    Contaminated air is led inside the unit.

  • 2

    Particles are charged negatively in a powerful corona discharge. The negatively charged particles are attached to the positive collection chamber. Organic microbes are destroyed with electronical shocks.

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    Finally, the air is lead to active carbon collector which effectively removes VOC gases and odors.

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    Outcoming ultra pure air is completely free from particles of all sizes, microbes, and harmful gases and chemicals.

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    The units have automatic washing function which reduced the need for maintenance and keep the cleaning efficiency high at all times.