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Technology with superior purification efficiency – without fiber filters

Genano Industrial Air Purification Technology is based on the electric filtration technology. With Genano Technology, even the smallest nano scale particles can be filtered with high efficiency level. There is no need for fiber filters which get easily clogged causing the risk for the smallest particles leaking through and entering into surrounding premises.






With Genano Technology, particles in the air are charged negatively in powerful corona discharges. The negatively charged particles are attached to the positively charged collection surfaces within the unit. This efficient electric purification technology removes particles of all sizes.


The purified air is so clean it can be recycled back to the premises causing remarkable savings in energy cost.



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Low lifetime costs

Energy savings with Genano Industrial Air Purifier are considerable. As the air is circulated inside the hall, there is reduced need for exhaust air to outdoors reducing heating cost significantly. The maintenance need is low, as the unit does not contain moving parts. The electricity consumption is only 300–400W per unit (excluding duct fan).

Easy to Install

Genano Air Purifier System is easy to install, the unit weight is only 500 kg. It supports the hall’s existing ventilation system, recycling air constantly. There are no filters that would get clogged with particles causing pressure differences and increased electricity cost.

Easily fitted into production facilities

Air Purifier Systems are easily fitted into production facilities as stand-alone units. They purify and circulate the air inside the building typically without integration to the HVAC system.

Automated washing operation

Air Purifier System unit is connected to water supply (minimum 3 bar) line for automatic washing operation.


Low maintenance need

The need for manual washing is limited since Air Purifier System has a built-in automatic washing system that periodically washes the collected particles away with water and detergent.