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Smart and Efficient VOC Abatement with Catalytic Oxidation

Compact solution for emissions abatement


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are chemicals that constitute one of the primary elements of air pollution in a wide range of industries – especially in processes that use large amounts of solvents or produce carbon monoxide, or odors. VOC emissions are significant greenhouse gases, and therefore regulated by national and European directives.


Genano VOC series are state-of-the-art compact catalytic VOC and odor abatement systems for energy efficient control of VOC waste gases. It fulfills the requirements of the EU VOC directive.


The result is clean air with low energy costs


Genano is using catalytic oxidation to oxidize the VOCs. Therefore, the operation temperature is about 300°C – almost 500 °C lower than in thermal oxidation! Due to high operation temperature, in thermal oxidation there will be formed NOx which is toxic greenhouse gas. Due to its particular toxicity, this gas limit will be highly reduced by local authorities. 



Download a free guidebook on How to Reduce VOC Emissions.

Outcoming air is free of VOCs

After a catalytic oxidation we will only find vapor (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Outcoming air is free of VOCs and can be exhausted directly to outside air. The lower operation temperature also causes significantly less thermal stress to the constructions of the oxidizer, which directly increase the life-cycle of the oxidizer and decreases the maintenance costs. 


Genano’s catalytic oxidizers are fully automatic, adapting to different flow rates and different VOC concentrations.  The VOC oxidizer has been designed to enable installation outdoors or inside the production plant if preferred. The installation area required is minimum and doesn’t interfere with other existing installations. 



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