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How to improve your employer image and make industrial work sites more attractive

During the economic upswing, many companies have found that recruitment of staff has become more difficult. Almost everywhere, companies have a serious shortage of competent employees. Many have become frustrated when they have paid thousands of euros for a job advertisement and only received a handful of applications, but they must find someone soon. How did this happen?

Employees are the most important promoters of employee image – let them speak for the company.



Working conditions significantly affect the company’s image and its attractiveness as a workplace

Over recent decades, employees have become much more aware of how working conditions affect their health. They are unwilling to sacrifice their health and choose a workplace with appropriate working conditions that have no negative long-term effects on health.

Company values are at the core of employer image, and integrity is the key to successful communication. If the communicated story is fabricated or false, the created image is on a crash course with reality. Employees are the most important promoters of employee image – let them speak for the company.

To support a positive employer image, it is important that working conditions help to maintain employees’ ability to work. This is especially true on industrial work sites. This helps to attract motivated employees and especially young people who have just finished training for the field. Employees who work in manufacture and assembly are often exposed to harmful fine particles welding, assembly and several other process steps release into the indoor air of the workplace. Particles with a diameter of a few micrometres and even smaller nanosized particles penetrate the circulation from the alveoli and expose employees to serious illnesses. For example, welding fumes often contain several irritants that can cause respiratory diseases and increase the risk of cancer. Welding stainless steel releases hexavalent chromium, a known carcinogen.

Employer image has become an important competitive advantage

Positive employer image attracts the most competent employees. The law of supply and demand prevails in the labour market, and an attractive employer brand increases demand. In certain fields, there is strong competition for competent professionals, and the company brand can be the deciding factor in finding the right employee. You should be aware of employer image and include its promotion in the company strategy, because it is part of the company’s brand value – which translates into real money.

Employer image promotes loyalty and reduces employee turnover.


A company is built by people. No company is digitised to a degree where its employees are not responsible for each finished product. Company identity therefore covers people in addition to products and services, and each employee is a brand ambassador.

A positive employer image also brings other benefits. Employer image promotes loyalty and reduces employee turnover. The labour market is fragmented, organisations face the constant risk of losing their best experts, and the training of new employees requires both time and money. Employer image can also reduce the risk of unsuccessful recruitment. When a company’s values and culture are also known outside the company, it is more likely that the desired target group will find job advertisements.

A healthy work environment is an excellent investment

Appropriate and efficient cleaning of indoor air reduces the risk of spreading fine particles and significantly improves both job satisfaction and productivity. Clean indoor air also promotes the operational reliability of production equipment and product quality. Clean indoor air is therefore one of the most important benefits a company can offer to its employees, and it also improves the employer image.


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