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Creating Covid-proof Interior Air Quality Webinar


Indoor air quality in workplace and public transport during the pandemic

We warmly welcome you to Creating Covid-proof Interior Air Quality webinar on Wednesday 28th of October starting at 11 a.m. and lasting till 12:30 (Helsinki, UTC+2), or longer if necessary, in case discussion with participants continues.


Join us together with Cleamix and Genano, two leading Finnish companies providing solutions for decontamination and microbial reduction, to discuss the best practices and combination of methods for creating Covid-proof interior air quality.


Through specific use cases on offices, restaurants, hospitals and public transportation we will learn how organisations can refine their Covid strategies for more secure workplaces and commute in the future.

Webinar panelists

  • Panu Wilska, Cleamix CEO
  • Niklas Skogster, Genano CEO
  • Dr. Tarmo Humppi, CBRN research lead, Finnish Army Research Centre (ret.)
  • Dr. Satu Salo, Senior Researcher, Microbiologist, National Research Centre of Finland (VTT)
  • MD. Janne Kuusela, Infection specialist, Mikkeli Central Hospital (ESSOTE)


Welcome to the webinar! Click here to watch the webinar in Youtube.