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Genano among the top 8 innovations in Arab Health Medical Conference, Dubai UAE


Arab Health, one of the world's largest medical conferences, with more than 55 000 healthcare and trade professionals showcase the latest technologies and services from over 4250 companies. Gulf News, the leading newspaper in the region, listed the most innovative new technologies to transform healthcare in 2020.


Genano, with its new G 350 Air Decontamination Unit, that kills viruses and bacteria, safeguarding hospital staff and patients against even the coronavirus, was selected among the best products.


Genano Air Decontamination Units, that can be equipped with a negative pressure kit, are the fastest and most cost-effective way to rapidly set up isolation rooms as per need. That gives hospitals great flexibility in fast emerging needs, as the current risk of fast spreading coronavirus infection shows.


Genano Air Decontamination Solution is designed for critical areas in Healthcare facilities. It is a cost-effective solution that can be designed to fit any room-specific needs for ACH, pressurization or other demands – where HEPA is not enough. Our solutions are targeted for isolation wards, protective environment rooms, ICU, laboratories and clinics.