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Genano and the TILA Group are finding innovative ways to build clean and healthy homes


On 15/11/2018, a collaboration aimed to build cleaner and healthier homes was launched between Genano Oy, which specialises in clean indoor air, and TILA Group Oy, which specialises in building ecologically clean and healthy spaces.

The newest publicised project of TILA Group, which has been investing a great deal recently in developing its operations, involves the construction of a complex of wooden houses in Porvoo, after the group won the planning competition. This construction project is being planned and implemented with a focus on health, safety, eco-friendliness, circular economy, and the buildings’ life cycle.



Pioneers in building clean and healthy homes


Genano’s technology improves the quality of residential indoor air from the current HEPA-class air purity level to the even cleaner ultra and nano classes. As a comparison: in the nano class, pinhead-sized particles are removed in the cleaning process; at the ultra level, golf ball-sized particles; and, at the HEPA level, football-sized particles. Genano duct filters featuring an electronic filtering system will be installed in the new buildings, making it possible to filter the most harmful particles – pollen, dust from the street, air pollutants and vehicle emissions, etc. – out of the incoming air.

Among the key requirements for construction today are sanitary conditions and eco-friendliness. TilaGroup is investing heavily in innovative new solutions. We can see that Genano’s duct filters are a very well-suited choice for our new construction projects. With their low level of electricity consumption and excellent purification efficiency, they fit our energy-efficient, sanitary construction concept very well”, says Tuomo Hynninen from the TILA Group. ”On top of this, Genano’s IoT sensors, which function over a radio network, make it possible to monitor and verify the quality of the indoor air, and at the same time, the quality of the construction process”, Hynninen continues.


Genano’s patented technology is based on efficient air purification process, in which particle masses do not build up in the filters. The device is cleaned by washing it at specified intervals, so that the purification efficiency remains continually high. Filters do not get clogged, the system does not experience pressure loss, and the increased energy consumption that would result from this does not occur. Even replaceable filters are not needed, further reducing operating costs. The whole system forms a unique, ecologically friendly solution for clean indoor air.

For our part, we would like to develop and improve people’s living conditions and the healthiness of their residences. Due to increased levels of air pollutants, it is more important than ever to have ultra-clean indoor air. We think that everyone has a right to clean indoor air, and therefore, we are expanding our operations by bringing nanotechnology developed for hospitals and laboratory conditions into all types of buildings”, says Matti Kouva of Genano.


Additional information:

Genano Oy – Matti Kouva, Head of Sales, tel. 050 470 2474, e-mail: matti.kouva@genano.fi www.genano.fi

TILA Group Oy – Tuomo Hynninen, CEO, tel. 040 707 6118, e-mail: tuomo.hynninen@tilagroup.fi www.tilagroup.fi



Genano is a Finnish health technology company whose nano-class air purifiers make it possible to reduce the health risks of indoor air pollutants such as microbes, ultra-small particles, and harmful gasses. Genano air purifiers are based on Genano’s patented, unique electronic air purification process, the most important advantage of which is its ability to remove all types of air impurities down to the nanometre level, while at the same time killing microbes and removing gaseous compounds.


TilaGroup is an elite construction group consisting of twenty smaller companies, each with specialised competences, and decades of combined experience in the planning, construction and maintenance of buildings.


In its construction work, the group focuses particularly on promoting innovative ecologically friendly building methods using renewable, domestically-sourced wood, and on maintaining a circular economy. The drive to create a carbon-binding construction industry based on domestic raw materials is deeply rooted in the company's values.