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Genano delivers Air Decontamination Units to hospitals in China


Genano with our local partner, Jiangsu Holly Environmental Technology Industrial Co.,Ltd., in China, fight against the fast spreading coronavirus epidemic, by delivering Air Decontamination Units to the hospitals in the area where the crisis has taken place.

“We received an urgent request from Government owned hospitals in China. The situation required fast reaction in our end; the first products were ready for delivery to China already the next day”, says Aleksi Ahti, COO of Genano.


Genano has extensive experience in delivering Infection Control Solutions for Cleanrooms and Isolation Rooms in hospitals.

“Few years back, Genano was Fighting against MERS in Saudi Arabian central hospitals. When the MERS epidemic struck Saudi Arabia, hospitals were not ready for the large number of patients coming in. We delivered Air Decontamination Units for hospitals in need of isolation rooms for infected patients. With the help of Genano Aid Decontamination Units, Saudi Arabian hospitals and other healthcare facilities were able to treat patients safely and without the risk of contamination”, says Niklas Skogster, CEO of Genano.



Genano has an easy-to-implement isolation room solution for these kinds of situations. The patented technology is tested in various independent Research Institutes around the world.


With Genano® technology all airborne microbes, such as viruses and bacteria can be destroyed and eliminated. Therefore, Genano Air Decontamination Units equipped with a negative pressure kit, are the fastest and most cost-effective way to rapidly set up isolation rooms – flexibly according to need.


genano coronavirus china hospital

genano air decontamination coronavirus china hospital