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Genano in collaboration with Mark Dacey, an Orangetheory®  Fitness franchise owner



On the Eastern Coast of Canada, Genano® is collaborating with Mark Dacey, owner of two Orangetheory Fitness® studios  in an effort to provide cleaner and healthier fitness facilities to his clients. In gyms, the harmful air quality is generated by large number of people working out in the facilities, also enabling the airborne bacteria and viruses spreading within the workout areas.


Mark, whose second in a series of franchises opened on August 23rd in Bedford, Nova Scotia, opted for the stand-alone Genano-310, an efficient and compact air decontamination unit suitable for classrooms, offices, healthcare and commercial spaces.  He plans on incorporating the Genano-310 in all of his future franchises, as Genano® specialises in creating pure indoor air with a state-of-the art system based on electric filtering that removes the smallest nano-sized particles (down to 0,3 nm). The air circulates through the air purifying unit, killing all microbes (viruses and bacteria), removing dangerous gaseous compounds and unpleasant smells (a must for any fitness facility).  Genano® technology works without worrisome filters that are prone to clogging, thus allowing the purification efficiency to remain high at all times.


"I find Genano device being suitable for this kind of an environment. The investment in this technology will set this fitness center apart from all others while providing an added “edge” to the fitness experience of clients, and to the health and well-being of the staff" says Mark Dacey.



Fitness facilities around the world provide space for their clients to get and remain healthy.  A key component of health is air quality, and toxin-free air should be of utmost concern to owners and operators of any fitness venue.