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Genano will invest even more into clean air

Our first purpose, when thinking of our customer, is to solve the customer’s indoor air, air impurity or process emission related problem. Our new solution-based approach, clean indoor air as a service, offers a comprehensive service for our customers. Our service, along with our state-of-the-art technology, include pre-analysis and measurements, symptom surveys, adjustment and stabilization of air conditioning, continuous tracking using sensors, delivery of correct air purifiers and, the installation and maintenance with yearly contract. In addition, we give a 100% guarantee, that we accomplish what we promise; meaning that our customers don’t have to pay for anything needless.


Our new service covers the entire project offering our customers an easy, effortless and comprehensive access to solve all their indoor air related problems. Our customers do not need to go to different service providers anymore to get the overall solution, but instead they can relax, as our service includes them all. Our service will also give our customers the expertise and knowledge of Genano.