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Metallikaari uses Genano air purification technology to ensure well-being at work

  • Established in Kerava in 1994
  • A metal manufacturing company that produces custom products for industry
  • Main line of business: pipe bending and water cutting, and related welding, sheet metal and other metal work
  • Hall facilities: around 600 m2 (height 5 m) = 3,000 m3 of air
  • Net sales: around EUR 1 million
  • 8 permanent employees


Special attention must be paid to air quality in metal machining, as welding fumes and other impurities are released into the air during the production process. These impurities pose a health risk to the employees in the facilities, as well as increasing the need for maintenance of the machines used in the production process.


“Water cutting generates the highest amount of impurities in the form of dust, followed by welding. These are the most challenging and harmful impurities,” says Ossi Törnberg, the CEO of Metallikaari. “On sunny days, with the light shining in through the windows, you could see a cloud of smoke at a height of two metres over there.” 

The solution was a highly reliable and effective air purifier with a minimal maintenance requirement


Metallikaari’s criteria for an air purifier included efficiency and the ability to remove small particles and welding fumes. In addition, the device needed to be compact, as little space was available among the other equipment. This is why the company chose Genano’s G1000 air purifier.

“We have limited space in our facilities, and we don’t have time for constant maintenance. The air purifier needed to stay maintenance-free for as long as possible. Genano supplied a G1000 air purifier to us in 2007, and it is highly effective,” says Törnberg.

Genano’s air purifiers protect health and save money 

The G1000 air purifier sucks impure air from the facilities, purifies the air and blows it back into the facilities. This reduces the need for cool replacement air, which reduces costs during the heating season.

Visible smoke clouds have disappeared since we started using Genano’s equipment. Genano has measured our air quality regularly. Most recently, two years ago, the air quality in our production facilities was found to be equal to that in offices. Metallikaari has protected health and reduced costs by using Genano technology for fifteen years,” says Törnberg.


When indoor air is healthy, employees feel better and there are fewer absences due to sickness. Air purifiers also extend the useful lives of other machines, which do not get dirty as quickly as before when the indoor air is pure. This also reduces costs.

Clean facilities are also a question of image

 A good employer image is important when a company is recruiting highly competent employees. Customers are also well-informed and prefer companies that operate responsibly.

“Cleaner facilities also give customers a better idea of how we work,” Törnberg points out.