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Saving in filter costs while ensuring purity in PCR production


  • Finnzymes, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, has a long experience and
    extensive know-how in PCR and qPCR technology 
  • Finnzymes has laboratories for DNA research, analytics, diagnostics and for the production of DNA and protein molecules.
  • Sensitive processes require high standards of hygienic air level


"Finnzymes has laboratories for DNA research, analytics, diagnostics and for the production of DNA and protein molecules. Part of the company’s strategy is to ensure the purity of its products and that no contamination can be allowed to be present. The analytical methods it uses are extremely sensitive such that small amounts of DNA molecules can be detected”, describes Senior Production Scientist Jukka Majaharju.


The aim of using Genano air purifiers was to prevent airborne particles from spreading in the premises. Genano air purifiers were placed in the working rooms that had the greatest influence on the purity of the products.


In these rooms, the final products are dispensed, liquids and buffers are prepared and other laboratory work is performed. A particularly sensitive working phase is the dispensing of products into vials. This phase is performed by an automatic dispensing machine which typically dispenses 0.01–2 ml of products into open vials, and then caps and labels them. The dispensing machine was connected to a Genano air purifier to ensure a particle free atmosphere for open vials.


“By using Genano air purifiers, Finnzymes has succeeded in minimizing the risks of contamination in our products, cross contamination from
room to room and helped in its DNA analytics by reducing false positive results”, summarizes Majaharju. 


In addition, the need for expensive HEPA filter changes in the dispensing machine air income was reduced to less than one change per year.