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Espoo Health Services chose Genano to protect patients and staff from viruses in the air


Espoo Health Services was well prepared for the expansion of the corona epidemic and reorganized its operations. One of the tasks was to change the Samaria health station in the center of Espoo, Finland, into an infection center focusing on the treatment of respiratory infections.


In the next phase, another health station was prepared for similar use in case the first infection center's capacity is reached.


The examination rooms, reception rooms, break rooms, corridors and waiting areas at both health stations were comprehensively secured with Genano Healthcare air decontamination solutions. With their patented electrofiltration technology, Genano units remove viruses and other contaminants from the air and eliminate any organic matter inside the air decontamination units.


Espoo anticipated the need for infection stations well in advance and planned the tasks and the progression model quickly. Because Genano was involved in the design phase, the delivery was fast. When the health station was scheduled to open on Monday, Genano delivered the air purifiers in place during the previous Friday.


In Finland, dozens of health stations and laboratories use Genano's indoor air services. The original needs range from indoor air problems to laboratory quality assurance. During an epidemic, the ability of Genano air decontamination units to eliminate viruses is also emphasized at all of our customers’ premises.


If the topic is current in your organization, please contact: info@genano.com.