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Genano, within IHMEC project, takes Indoor Hygiene to Saudi Arabia



IHMEC project creates and exports joint indoor hygiene solution of Central Baltic area SME’s into the Saudi Arabian construction market using indoor hygiene (IH) as a competitive edge. The project brings together relevant clusters from Finland, Sweden and Estonia into a meta-cluster with new, tailor-made indoor hygiene solutions. Genano, among company representatives within the Finnish Cluster of IHMEC, introduces innovative Indoor Air Decontamination solutions within the project


During the second week of September a group of Nordic scientists and company representatives have visited Riyadh to introduce new hygiene guidelines and solutions to the Kingdom.


The target of IHMEC group is breaking the infection chain with connecting regional Finnish, Swedish and Estonian clusters to indoor hygiene meta cluster. IHMEC project is supported by European Union, which has strong regional collaboration with GCC and KSA.  Bilateral collaboration is supported by MoU for cooperation in the field of health between Finland and KSA and Sweden and KSA. Finland has the first guidelines in the world for environmental indoor hygiene, aiming to give a comprehensive solution.


IHMEC project is connecting professionals in planning, designing, building and furnishing indoor hygiene spaces to form indoor hygiene solutions. Novel solutions are desperately needed to prevent the global spreading of serious infections!


The central idea for the indoor hygiene concept is to combine different technologies related to all indoor elements: air, water and surfaces to increase the level of indoor hygiene during the whole lifespan of a building. The goal of the comprehensive solution is to decrease infections, lower the costs of health care and proactively improve the health care by breaking the infection chain.


If we take an example with air treatment in hospitals: it has clearly been noticed that the traditional air filtration methods have not been enough. New technologies give possibilities to capture even the ultra-fine particles, kill all microbes and eliminate VOC-gases, all in one comprehensive solution. As a frosting to the cake this can be done without disposable filters and without pressure loss for steady continuous air delivery. One can say that now it is time to adapt the international and local guidelines to match the technical development so that new innovative technologies can be effectively utilized in all health care surroundings.


The visit of IHMEC group to the Kingdom has been a great success. The group has attended the Global Health Exhibition and Congress with own booth, speakers and a workshop creating a lot of interest and concrete suggestions on how to pursue the task further. Additionally the group visited key hospitals including King Fahad Medical City, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Riyadh Care Hospital and participated in a Networking Event arranged by the Embassy of Finland. The work of the group continues with current funding for another year and a half and it surely will continue with good results achieved much further.


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