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Negative pressure containers in hospital triage use

During natural disasters, floods or earthquakes, space requirements for health care and military are often created suddenly and without warning. In these cases it is essential to be able to find modular, compact and high quality structures quickly. Containers are the best answer to these needs, and their use is becoming more and more popular.


anhanger sud


  • Name: Anhanger Sud
  • Head office: Pomignano d'Arco, Italy
  • Activities: Production of prefabricated containers


Containers used for various hospital needs


The demand for containers has grown considerably. It is easy to set up a triage area with containers outside a hospital for example during a pandemic. Triage means assessing the need for and urgency of treatment.


Containers are also requested by building contractors to be used as doctors' offices in various construction sites or as supplementary sampling areas. 


The container is an excellent solution to these needs, as the surfaces are easy to disinfect, they can accommodate technology and equipment, they are sound and heat insulated, and they are quick to assemble and transfer.


Besides the low purchase cost, another benefit is the use of raw materials. The re-use and recycling of the structure itself gives a second life to the container, which is significant from the sustainability point of view in construction and environmental protection.

Case Study 


During the critical phases of the pandemic, in November 2020, Anhanger Sud contacted Genano to compare the Intelligent Air Quality technologies available on the market to reduce the risk of virus transmission in indoor environments.


Anhanger Sud had received requests from several hospitals for emergency management. The requirement was to design containers that could be used to locate potentially infected patients who are waiting for a final diagnosis. 


The company found the ideal solution by equipping each container with a Genano technology for cleaning the air, which is capable of rapidly obtaining negative pressure. The installation was simple and fast.


anhanger sud duct filtering

anhanger sud srl italy duct filter

anhanger sud outside


Containers can be used in several projects that increase the capacity of intensive care in hospitals.


Mr. Miele, owner of the company, explained:

"We can easily address the lack of intensive care facilities with containers that are equipped with an advanced technology that purifies the air inside and makes the surrounding environment safe."


The high-efficiency Genano system was chosen, with an air treatment capacity of 400 m3/h and nanoparticle purification efficiency of 99.8%. It removes even the smallest particles from incoming air thanks to electric collection technology. Since there are no filters, it does not clog and is therefore a guarantee of constant efficiency. Finally, the activated carbon collector removes odors and gases.

"The air is purified and free of health-threatening pathogens. We intend to continue using this technology in prefabricated containers, especially those intended for the management of health emergencies. We have met the expectations of our customers, differentiating us from any other solution on the market".


According to the various requests, Airwits sensors will be installed inside the containers in order to monitor the air healthiness hourly. The data is obtained by the clinical engineering department inside the hospital.


The Genano team is constantly working to create the best solution for every need, so we work with enthusiasm together with customers who share our goals.


anhanger sud srl italy