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Dental Clinic Studio Milanesio has one goal – air decontamination to protect staff from viruses, bacteria and VOCs


  • Name: Studio Milanesio Dentistry
  • Head office: Torino, Italy
  • Activities: Treatment of diseases of the mouth, teeth and gums
  • Staff: one administrator, five dentists, one hygienist and eight dental practice assistants


Saliva aerosols emitted by coughing, sneezing or even during talking are established vehicles of contagion, which became a well known fact during the Covid-19 pandemic and other viral epidemics. Our client Studio Milanesio found a way to tackle the challenges of airborne contamination. 

Dental procedures produce a variety of contamination

Aerosols, which are generated with certain procedures in intensive care units, but also very often in dental procedures, consist of very small and light droplets that have the characteristic of being able to remain suspended in the air for a long time and to settle on surfaces far away from the area in which they are produced.


In most dental procedures, aerosols are produced with instruments for professional hygiene like ultrasonic scaler and air/water syringe. Numerous studies aimed at classifying the specific risk per job agree that dentists have a high risk of contagion.


In addition to airborne contamination of microbial matter, there is also chemical contamination in dental clinics due both to the products used for sterilizing instruments and surfaces, but above all to the handling of materials used for dental procedures, such as resins, cements, ceramics, metals, etc.


Professionals in the health sector want to acquire appropriate tools to reduce risks in working environments such as the dental sector. There is a need to control the number of viruses, bacteria, VOCs and fine particles from drilling.


reception milanesio

Case Study Studio Milanesio


During the renovation of the building in which his dental practice is located, Dr. Milanesio wanted to find the best possible solution to minimize the risk of viral contagion to which the clinic’s whole staff is exposed.


Dr. Marco Milanesio tells us why he contacted Genano:

"After the decision to renovate the premises in which our practice is located, it was absolutely essential to find a solution to improve the indoor air quality and give staff greater peace of mind. We were looking for a certified product that would allow us to operate safely even during the pandemic".


dr milanesio


The completely renovated practice now has four operating rooms, a room exclusively dedicated to sterilization and treatment of operating instruments, a radiology room, a laboratory room, a functional reception, office, waiting room, doctors' lounge and relaxation room.


The investment in equipment was significant, but the management knew it could not dismiss the indoor air quality aspect: safeguarding the health of the employees and their patients was key while making the facility safe and state-of-the-art.


Dr Milanesio describes the chosen solution:

"Our company wanted to purify the indoor air from pathogens carried by aerosols. The solution for the microfiltration of nanoparticles was ten portable Genano units.”


From June 2020 to date, 6 Genano 350 portable units (treatment capacity of 300 m3/h) and 4 Elixair E400 portable units (treatment capacity of 240 m3/h) have been decontaminating every doctor's office and the corridor, waiting room and reception area. No area of the practice has been left uncovered, so that everyone can feel protected and secure.


2 2022


In the waiting room, there is a video presenting the Genano technology, which has received feedback:

"Clients sometimes ask us questions about the functions of the Genano devices located in the various areas of the practice and they appreciate that we also show the utmost attention to hygiene by adopting these new safety measures. Some patients, who are severely allergic, have found comfort in our environment. We have also recommended the use of this technology to our colleagues.”


studio milanesio sala attesa

Several scientific studies on the Genano patent have been studied by Studio Milanesio. In November 2020, VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland, conducted a study in a controlled environment, introducing MS2 viruses, a surrogate of the Coronavirus, fungi and bacteria. The results showed that the devices decontaminate the air effectively by completely destroying airborne pathogens in less than an hour without releasing ozone emissions or ionised particles into the environment.


studio milanesio 3

The collaboration continues

dentist milanesio genano 350

studio milanesio dentist

milanesio dentist genano


Studio Milanesio is also carrying out their own study of the air quality in various rooms and due to the installation of Airwits sensors, the clinic will be able to constantly monitor and publish the results obtained on the PM1 values present. The monitoring service is a part of Genano’s turnkey service.


Dr Milanesio comments:

"The Genano technicians have shown professionalism and competence when working on the devices. They have scheduled maintenance with us so that all units can maintain constant purification efficiency.


I am satisfied with my choice: I can run a clinic in which the air is 99.999% free of viruses and bacteria. We know how important patient satisfaction is, even in our industry, to increase competitiveness in today's market.”