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Aviation enthusiasts at Kuopio Airport have said goodbye to allergy symptoms thanks to Genano air purifiers


Kuopio Airport area is popular among aviation clubs and some of the area's buildings face the challenge of maintaining clean and healthy indoor environments after the winter season. In the winter, many of these structures are kept at temperatures well below those used for regular use, creating an environment favorable to impurities, which has raised concerns about air quality. This situation particularly affected the people with allergies.

Starting point

Aviation clubs use the airport's facilities in different ways, and some buildings are unheated for most of the year. None of the clubs can afford to heat unused properties throughout the winter, inevitably leading to the accumulation of impurities and health risks in the buildings' structures and air. Some of the properties' users experienced allergy symptoms that disrupted activities and affected quality of life. The need for safer indoor air was clear.


The innovative Genano 350 air purifiers provided a solution to the problem. Utilizing unique electric filtration technology, these devices efficiently remove even the smallest particles and microbes, such as viruses and bacteria, from the air. According to a research report by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Genano 350 air purifier is highly effective at removing viable microbes in the air. Additionally, the device's activated carbon collector removes harmful VOC gases and unpleasant odors from the air.

"The efficiency and features of these air purifiers are really impressive. Investing in cleaner indoor air is a long-term investment in the health of our entire club, as the devices clean the air around the clock," states an anonymous aviation enthusiast.


With the introduction of Genano air purifiers, the hobbyists noticed tangible changes. Previously common allergy symptoms completely disappeared, and the air quality in the facilities significantly improved.

"Previously, some of us suffered from severe allergic symptoms indoors, but since we started using the purifiers, these symptoms have completely disappeared," says Riikka Netti, a diverse aviation hobbyist and healthcare professional.


But the cleaning power is not the only advantage of the Genano air purifiers – the devices operate energy-efficiently and ecologically. Plus, their maintenance is reliable and timely, without causing any disruptions.


The club members have been very satisfied with the service and expertise provided by Genano – their investment in cleaner indoor air has brought both health and operational benefits. Clean indoor air is now part of the daily life of Kuopio Airport's aviation enthusiasts.

"We are pleased with the prompt service and friendly expertise. Although the air purifiers require a financial investment, cleaner and safer indoor air is important to us," the hobbyists collectively state.


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Aerial view of Kuopio Airport from above, summer 2023.