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Nanjing Southern New Town Medical Center


  • Opened in December 2018.
  • As an important livelihood project, the Southern New Town Medical Center in the central area of the Southern New Town of Nanjing. 2.9 billion RMB has been invested to build the hospital.
  • Large-scale comprehensive hospital, which integrates medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation, health care and first aid, and can accommodate 1500 beds.



 The hospital management found it important for patient & staff safety, and for the image of new hospital to take care of the infection control and prevent the cross contaminations in the new hospital from the beginning, by taking care of air decontamination in critical areas.

 Our solution

Genano offered G4500 Air Decontamination Units for Nanjing Southern New Town Medical Center, along with positive pressure, negative pressure and internal circulation purification and disinfection solutions for ICU, CCU, NICU, obstetric operating room, hemodialysis operating room, tumor sterile ward, infection ward, PCR and cell laboratory. The hospital purchased 28 Genano units, in order to be able to secure the ultraclean environment for the critical areas.


With Genano’s tested technology, that is specifically developed for Air Decontamination in hospitals, laboratories, clinics and clean areas, a mobile and agile solution provides more efficient infection control to critical areas, where HEPA is not enough.

This mobile solution enables effective prevention of nosocomial infections where needed. It offers flexibility for protecting people by removing airborne contaminants at the source of contamination, and therefore plays an important role in the safety of staff and patients.


New South town hospital bed

New South town hospital room

New South town genano air purifier