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The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University Department of Pediatrics


  • Established in 1951
  • Third-level first-class general hospital directly under the Jiangsu Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission
  • Undertakes medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and public welfare
  • The premises equal 90,000 square meters, fixed assets are 845 million RMB, including 526 million RMB of professional equipment; 1,520 actual open beds, 45 open wards and more than 2300 employees
  • 200 specialist beds for 8000 patients annually
  • More than 300 000 patients are treated in the outpatient and emergency departments in 2018
  • Over 60 doctors




Every winter, the pediatric department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University treated a large number of children with fever and influenza. This kind of continuous full load or even overload operation also brings hidden dangers for diagnosis, treatment and infection control overall. Hundreds of children are treated every day, which produces a significant threat of pathogenic bacteria outburst, especially when small children are considered. Under unsatisfactory ventilation conditions, the pediatrics department, full of infected patients, is a source of nosocomial infections.




In this situation, the hospital leadership and the sensory control department met in an emergency meeting and decided to purchase two Genanos.  Genano’s unique air decontamination solution is based on electric filtration technology, that eliminates the micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses in the air.  Therefore, Genano air disinfection equipment solved the problem of air quality in the infusion, and it is recommendable for this kind of a situation.




Genano eliminated the hidden danger of infections, improving the pediatric diagnosis and treatment environment. The infection rate decreased remarkably, and the medical staff's health safety has been protected.


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